Southwestern Art by J. S. Valencia
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Dancers 31 X 34 Original Acrylic Dancers by J.S. Valencia
Kachina Moon 19.5 X 29.5 Original Acrylic Nitewalker by J.S. Valencia
3 Kachinas 33 X 35 Original Acrylic 3 Kachinas by J.S. Valencia
Morning Sun Acrylic Village 2 by J.S. Valencia
Rainbow Village 11 X 14 Acrylic Original Pueblo by J.S. Valencia
Village Women 24 X 36 Original Acrylic Village by J.S. Valencia
Warriors 11 X 14.5 Original Acrylic Warriors by J.S. Valencia
Sisters 20 X 24 Traveled with Diego Rivera's work in masters' show Watercolor Original Children by J.S. Valencia
Butterfly Maiden 12 x 14 Pencil lithograph Aztec by J.S. Valencia
The Bead Maker 12.5 X 14 Pencil lithograph Spinner by J.S. Valencia
Santa Fe Pueblo 12" X 18" unlimited edition Pen and Ink Print Pueblo 2 by J.S. Valencia
Two Feathers 12.5 X 12.5 Pencil lithograph Two feathers by J.S. Valencia
Ute Indian 14 X 2.5 Pencil lithograph Hatted by J.S. Valencia
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