Passport Travel Series

February 20, 2005  2:30 Matinee   760-946-4841
Victor Valley College Performing Arts Center, 18422 Bear Valley Rd

The sights, the sounds, the music, the poetry and the people, all encased in the story of a people (Sardo) who's culture is being threatened by the materialism and technology of the modern world. Steve McCurdy encounters people from all walks of life including; famous musicians (Piero Marras, Enzo Favata), renown Sardinian comedian (Benito Urgu), actor (Sante Maurizi), an esteemed holy man (Fra Lorenzo), and numerous ordinary citizens. His most anticipated adventure is to meet a shepherd in the mountains of Sardinia and it isn't until the very end that he finally is able to make that come true with surprising and mixed results. Itís a feel good story that will show you the mystical island of Sardinia, itís people, one that explores lifeís meanings and will change the way you feel about protecting and preserving culture.

"America's Parklands"

"Bringing Home Sardinia"

"Soul of Morocco"

 Natural Wonders – Eastern Seaboard

"Sailing Queen Mary 2 to Rio & Carnival"

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