O.K. Corral Ostrich Farm

Giant Ostrich Eggs!

8308 E. Puritan Street
Oro Grande, California, 92368
(760) 964-4233

  Get Giant Ostrich Eggs Now! Already blown and cleaned or large. $10 medium-$15 large Great for art projects.

Now... 100% Pure Ostrich oil for skin problems, arthritis, and other problems!

See our Petting Zoo with goats, sheep, baby goats, geese, ducks, chickens, two of the largest dogs in California (ok, we exaggerate, but not much) 200-pound friendly dogs, cats, peacocks, a walk-in avery, and 500+ ostriches.

Baby ostriches hatch starting June 1st!

We offer ostrich eggs for eating and meat, which is lean, red, meat.
One egg serves 12 people!   Season the meat like any good steak!

Teachers Special! Free broken, cracked, and chipped ostrich eggs for art, science, and other classes. Limited quantity available, so get your's now!

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