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Last Chance Canyon is, first of all a gorgeous geological area with its chocolate, yellow, pink, and red hills; and, second a fantastic gem locality with hunting areas too numerous to mention in this book. There are untold hours of enjoyable exploration in Last Chance Canyon for those who like to "see what they can find." The locality featured here was chosen because the material is very plentiful and of good quality. It is possible to reach the palm root in a passenger car, however a 4-wheel drive vehicle would be desirable.

Type of material found

Petrified Palm Root

Description of material

Mostly dark brown agate containing som blue agate sections. Look closely and you can see the palm root fibers and eyes as contrasting, light colored agate in the brown. Some pieces contain much more of the palm than others. This is a very good grade agate and it takes an excellent polish. Best suited for jewelry.

Equipment needed

Rock pick

How to get there

The route from Highway 14 is described here as it is the easiest to traverse. At 13.8 miles north of Mojave on left is abandoned buildings of Hart's Place. Directly opposite Hart's Place a good dirt road heads east off Hwy 14 across a cattle guard and out across open flat lands. Take this road approximately 5 miles and you will pass a fairly good sized mining operation on the right. Stay on main road which now drops down and follows washbed to junction with Last Chance Canyon Rd. which is 6.8 miles from turnoff at Hwy 14. From here you will view the spectacular pink hues in the hills bordering the washbed. In the bluffs along the road you will notice many old gold prospect holes of yesteryear. Continue down washbed 3 miles (watch for sandy spots) to main crossroad. (To the left is site of Cudahy Camp, once a thriving gold camp.) Turn right .2 mile, then right again around base of hill and bear left .5 mile toward colunmar hills. This last .5 mile is sometimes rough from winter storms and may require 4-wheel drive. Park on level area and hike across the narrow wash to slope of hill. The petrified palm is in float all over slope.

Last Chance Canyon

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