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History Buffs



Group Address City Phone
Daggett Historical Society Daggett Community Center Daggett 760-257-4763
Thursdays 7:30-9:30 pm
Mojave Desert Heritage & Cultural Association      
Mojave Historical Society Sterling Inn Regency Room Victorville 760-949-2276
4th Thursday, 7:00 pm


Historical Sites Plaques Nearest City
Calico Early Man Site Barstow
Camp Cady Historical Plaque Barstow
Camp Iron Mountain Historical Plaque Desert Center
Chimney Rock Historical Plaque Lucerne Valley
Harvey House Historical Plaque Barstow
National Old Trails Monument Historical Plaque Needles
Santa Fe and Salt Lake Trail Monument Historical Plaque
Town of Calico Historical Plaque near Yermo
Twentieth Century Folk Art Environments (Thematic)
Possum Trot, near Yermo
Von Schmidt State Boundary Monument Needles
Tips to interviews for oral histories:
1. Bring a tape recorder with 90 minute tapes (60 is too short).
2. Never correct the person you are interviewing. They will shut down.
3. Be quiet and patient while the interviewee is trying to remember things.
4. Write down questions as they occur to you, but don't interrupt the interviewee.
5. If the interviewee rambles off the subject, allow it for a little while, then steer them back to the topic.
6. For military veterans, ask what unit they were in; where they were when the war ended; and their thoughts on nuking Hiroshima.
7. Family, school, and veterans reunions can yield a wealth of information by interviewing people separately, then as pairs.
8. Start with easy questions, to make the interviewee comfortable.
9. Duplicate your tapes and transcribe from the duplicates.
10. Bring a portable photocopier or camera to the interview. Photograph or photocopy the back, if anything is written there. Carefully number and organize the photos in the order they are discussed, so there won't be later confusion about who or what was in the picture.
11. Ask for leads and leave a card with your contact information.
(These tips were derived from the Stuart Kellogg interview of Dennis Casebier, Daily Press, May 149, 2001)


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