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Four Corners Dendritic Agate

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The material in this area is plentiful and is very colorful. There is much area to be explored for agate and a vein where excellent dendritic agate can be dug. All the dirt roads are across flat desert country and are good all the way to the collecting area.

Type of material found

Dendritic Agate
Agatized Palm Fiber and Wood
Petrified Bog

Description of material

Dendritic Agate. Good dendrities occurring in red, blue and translucent agate. A wide selection of material is available here. There is good cutting material and is suitable for all aspects of the lapidary art.

Agatized Palm Fiber and Wood. This is not as plentiful as the agate, but many nice pieces will be found. Look for the pieces which resemble rough tree bark on the outside. On a break endwise across the grain of the bark there will be revealed the round palm fiber eyes. The palm also occurs as nice broken pieces in which the eyes can be seen with the lengthwise grain of the fiber running in the opposite direction.

Petrified Bog. The bog occurs much the same as the palm except that the eyes and fibers are intermingled and twisted at all angles as opposed to the straight, neat arrangement of the agated palm.

Equipment needed

Rock hammer; sledge hammer and chisels if you plan to dig in the dedritic agate vein.

How to get there

At Mojave take Highway 58 east for 34 miles to juction with Highway 395 at Four Corners. Turn right (south) on Highway 395 and go .2 mile.
Turn left onto well traveled dirt road paralleling high power lines. Follow this road 2.3 miles.
Here the telephone line and high power line cross. Turn right and follow road along telephone lines for 1.3 miles. This will put you next to telephone pole with metal tags identifying it 183-2, L/24.
Turn right here onto good dirt tracks for .4 mile to rocky top of gentle rise. The agate is found in float on this knoll and in the nearby vein. The palm and bog will be found in the same general area.

Updated location directions

Thanks to Bill and Jay McDannell & Joey and Kari Atkins

Turn left onto a well traveled dirt road that runs at a 45 degree angle southeast from 58 and 395. You will be driving just to the right of a line of wooden double power poles [note: this description should be used as there are now several lines of high tension poles crossing this area, but these are the only wooden poles].
At 2.3 miles you will see a set of tracks leading off to the right. When we last visited, there was a weathered poster for a lost dog tacked to the pole where these tracks turn to the right.
Follow the trail to the right and you will soon notice that you are paralleling a line where there used to be power poles, but they have now been cut down. You will see foot high stumps immediately to your left as you follow this path.
Go 1.3 miles along this path and there will be another turnoff to the right. Actually, there are several, but at this point your destination will be in sight on your right - two low rises that look fairly white compared to the surrounding desert.
A number of these paths will take you the .4 miles to the base of these rises, which are covered with a great variety of colorful dendritic agate.

Even though we had to search a bit to find the site since the one set of power poles have been cut down, we want to thank you for your guide. It has been difficult to find clear directions to good collecting sites, and this is one of the better sites we have explored to date.

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