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I emailed you but didn't get a reply. Why not?
1. Check that you typed our email address correctly.

2. Be sure your email is set up properly to receive email back. On all email, we hit the reply button. So, if your return address is not correct in your setup, you won't get our reply.

3. Be careful that your email does not contain phrases common to spam.

4. AOL, apparently, is not capable of sending email to the new, expanded, domain names. If AOL is your provider, you may need to email us at

5. If your email has a virus, our virus program "quarantines" it, so, we may not be able to read or respond to your email.

6. On the rare occassion, we have lost entire batches of email, due to glitches with our provider.

Please email us again.
I tried to email you but got a "fatal error" message, why?
A provider may be down. The provider might be our's or your's, or anyone in-between. Or, you may be using AOL (see above).
Free Classified Ads
How are these ads different from other classified ads?
These ads are for our local area, making it easier to sell or buy what you want, or meet other people.
How many pictures can I add for free to the Free Classified Ads?
For now, one. After you entered your ad, edit your ad to add the picture.
How big of a picture can I add?
200x200 pixels
I have a site with lots of pictures of my puppies for sale. Can I link to my site from you?
Yes, when you place an ad in the Free Classified Ads, type in your site address, choose to have it show, and a link to your site will appear with your ad.
Advertising for Small Businesses
My restaurant features regular meal specials and entertainment. How can I advertise them in the dining section and how much would it cost?
Additional advertising can be added beneath your free listing, for $10/month or $25/3 months. See our Ad Examples page for a sample and specifics.
My business is having a special event, which is described on our business site. Can we put a banner on the High Desert Insider main page?
Yes, please see our Ad Examples page for samples and rates.
Non-Profit Organizations
Do non-profit organizations get any special consideration?
Links to non-profit organizations' sites are free, but must be "fun" related organizations. Additional information can be included below the free listing, also for free.
How does our organization submit our link and information?
Submit your information in the form of:
   Organization name
   Street Address
   Link, such as,
   Organization Description
Email to


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