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Pets & Animals

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Animal Clubs
Animal Shelters & Societies
Dog Training
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Animal Clubs

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Group Address City (760)Phone
Antelope Valley Caged Bird Society Second Friday monthly, 7pm 661-944-2978
Antelope Valley Kennel Club Chimbole Cultural Center, 38350 Sierra Highway Palmdale
4th Wednesday monthly, 7:30 p.m. at the Chimbole Cultural Center, (formerly known as Palmdale Cultural Center)  Basic skills for Good Puppy Manners. For information email
East Antelope Valley Racing Pigeon Club Second Saturday monthly 944-6233
Antelope Valley Rabbit and Cavy Club Second Saturday monthly, 7:30pm 256-1915
Apple Valley Kennel Club Novak Community Center Hesperia 240-4300
1st Wednesday, 7:00pm, Novak Community Center. Looking for a dog? Don't support puppy mills, use our breeder referral.
Apple Valley Pigeon Club Meeting sites vary Apple Valley 247-2345
1st Tuesdays, when flying, meetings are more frequent, but not necessarily on the usual day.
Coso Dog Fanciers 4th Thursday, 714 E. Bowman Rd. Ridgecrest 247-2345
High Desert Bird Club 15720 Eto Camino Road Victorville 247-2852
3rd Saturday, 7:00pm, village Park Recreation Center
High Desert Cocker Spaniel Club Denny's Restaurant, Sierra Hwy.,First Tuesday monthly,6:30 Mojave 661-264-2583
Mojave Desert Bird Club 12530 Hesperia Road Hesperia 240-4342
Bird watching club. 2nd Thursday, 7:00pm, Desert Community Bank
Mojave Greens K-9 Training Club Sterling Inn Victorville 240-4300
Dog club. Meets 7 pm. 4th Wednesday.
Paw Prints Dog Club Sterling Inn, Regency Room Victorville 243-9215
Our pick as best and friendliest dog training club. Meets 6:30 pm. 3rd Wednesday. All breeds and mixed breeds.  Obedience, agility, therapy (Paws for Love).  Many excellent trainers, which welcome training questions!  Call for directions.
Sandy Paws Sterling Inn, Regency Room Victorville 961-7523
Dog training club.  3rd Monday, meets 6:30 pm.  UKC (United Kennel Club).  All breeds and mixed breeds. Obedience and conformation, both purebred and mixed welcome.  Call for directions.
Turtle and Tortoise Club 17728 Francesca Victorville 242-5033
2nd Monday, 7:00pm, Sterling Inn, Regency Room
Victor Valley Cat Club 246-6129

Animal Shelters & Societies  

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Group Address City (760)Phone
Adelanto Animal Control 11600 Air Express Way Adelanto 246-2301
Mon-Thurs 8-6; closed Fri-Sun. If a pet has tags, they are held in kennels in Adelanto, otherwise animals from Adelanto go to Victor Valley Animal Protection. If you found an injured dog or an aggressive dog during our off hours (closed), please call 911 and do NOT leave a message on Adelanto Animal Control's answering machine.
Apple Valley Animal Control 13643 Tonikan Apple Valley 240-7000 ext 7555
Kennel at 13643 Tonikan (west of Central, south of Hwy 18), opened March 1, 2005. Mon-Fri 8am-5pm.  Apple Valley animals went to Hesperia Animal Control, between April 1, 2004 until February 28, 2005, where photos were provided by High Desert Insider.  Apple Valley has a few photos, of dogs for adoption, since March 7th, but not of found dogs.
Barstow Animal Control 2480 E. Main Street Barstow 760-252-4800
Monday through Thursday from noon to 6 p.m. Adoption fees are $65 for dogs ($10 placement fee, $5 vaccination fee, $35 spay/neuter fee), and $40 for cats ($10 placement fee, $5 vaccination fee, $25 spay/neuter fee).
Barstow Humane Society 2480 E Main St Barstow 252-4800
Devore Animal Control 19777 Shelter Way Devore 909-887-8055
Mon-Fri 10-6:30; Sat 10-5; adoption fees $63 dogs, $36 cats
Dogs picked up in all "down below" unincorporated areas in San Bernardino County end up in the Devore shelter. See "Dogs Day Inn" below for dogs picked up in "high desert" unincorporated areas. Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri 10 am-6:30 pm; Wed 10 am-7 pm; Sat & Sun 10 am-5 pm
Dogs Day Inn County Shelter 19575 Bear Valley Rd Apple Valley 760-961-7535
Mon-Sat (except Wed) 9am-5pm ; Wed 9am-7pm ; Sun 7am-2pm ;adoption fees $80 dogs, $48 cats
Dogs picked up in all unincorporated areas in the High Desert go to Dogs Day Inn and held for 4 days, if no identification, or held for 10 days if identification, then transported to San Bernardino County in the Devore shelter. Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri 10 am-6:30 pm; Wed 10 am-7 pm; Sat & Sun 10 am-5 pm. Dogs Day Inn does NOT euthanize. They are strictly a holding and transfer facility.
Helping Paws P.O. Box 664 Apple Valley 909-913-1458
Hesperia Animal Control 11011 Santa Fe Ave Hesperia 947-1700
Mon-Thurs 9-5pm; Wed 9-7; Fri 10-4pm; closed Sat-Sun. Adoption fees: dogs $65, includes spay/neuter, DHPP, rabies, and microchip; cats $50, includes spay/neuter, FVRCP.
North Star Pet Assistance P.O. Box Only, See mailing address below Victorville 760-953-3557
We don't accept large dogs, because we have no foster parents who can accept large dogs. Adoptions are at Petsmart Sat 10am-2pm. This is all volunteer, so we may not be at Petsmart every Saturday. We have NO facility, so please do not try to bring animals to our mail box. Snail Mail: North Star Pet Assistance, P.O. Box #146, 13680 Bear Valley Rd, #E-4. Email or fax (only) 760-240-7241
PAL Humane Society 22221 Hwy 18 Apple Valley 247-5120
Microchip clinic for $35 at PetsMart on Saturdays and Sunday, 11am-4pm, using the "24 Hour Pet Watch Chip." They have no kennels. All pets are fostered in private homes. They no longer take animals from local animal control shelters.
Precious Pets 16074 Walnut St, Suite 102 Hesperia
Victor Valley Animal Protection 21779 Zuni Rd Apple Valley 247-2102
Mon-Fri 9-5; Sat 9-3; adoption fees $70 large dogs, $50 other dogs, $30 cats. Animals from Victorville, Apple Valley, Adelanto, and other High Desert areas go to this shelter. Photos provided by North Star Pet Assistance.
San Bernardino County Animal Control Unincorporated areas
Spay/neuter voucher program allows $50 for dogs and $25 for cats, available to all residents in unincorporated areas of San Bernardino.
San Bernardino 800-472-5609
Victorville Animal Control No shelter, animals go to Victor Valley Animal Protection, 21779 Zuni Rd Victorville 955-5089
Wee Bar None Ranch Pet Placement P.O. Box 2355 Apple Valley (760)961-1859


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Birds Address City (760)Phone
Dusty Feather Ranch 32740 Old Woman Springs Road Lucerne Valley 248-6030
Flying B Bird Ranch 31188 Azurite Rd Lucerne Valley 248-9031
Rock N Feather Bird Ranch 37737 Foothill Rd Lucerne Valley 248-7190

Dog Training

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Dog Training Address City (760)Phone
Agility by Deanna
Agility by Gail
Paw Prints Dog Club Agility Yard Apple Valley Email Deanna
Email Gail
Good Shepherd Dog Training 10687 11th Ave Hesperia 244-0149
Obedience by Charlie Brugnola Silver Lakes Park, by the tennis courts Silver Lakes/Helendale 952-2416
(We can not say enough good about this trainer. He really can train any dog!) Group classes are 6 weeks, $125, with free repeats.   Saturdays, 10am. Call Charlie or E-Mail: with any questions.
Obedience by Kris Hazelbaker 954-6900
Email Kris
Obedience by Keith Williams Lime St. Park Hesperia 240-9596
Email Keith
Novice class starts Sat. Oct. 30, 8:00 am ; Puppy Care & Training class starts Sat. Nov. 6, 9:30 am
Yorkshire Rose Services Your Home Apple Valley 240-5841
Private sessions. Puppies and adult dog training, behavior problems; clicker & food training. Hourly ($160/6 weeks/1 hour weekly) or Adult dogs ($250/8 weeks, 1 hour weekly). Bonded and insured.


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Fish Shop Address City (760)Phone
Aquarium World 18838 US Highway 18 Ste 8 Apple Valley 946-3474
California Reef 16727 Bear Valley Rd Ste 230 Hesperia 947-7384
H Salt Sea Food 12209 Hesperia Rd Ste F Victorville 241-7868

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