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Ad Rates

Ad TypeDescriptionRates
#1 Free Listing *  Non-profit and "social clubs"
** Events
Free Listing
#2 Description Ad Up to 30 words $2.99/6 mo or $4.99/yr
#3 Description Ad & Links Will link to your existing site and email $3.99/6 mo or $6.99/yr
#4 Description Ad, Links, Tint Highlights the line of your name, address, city, and phone # $4.99/6 mo or $8.99/yr
#5 Description Ad, Links, Tint, Logo Logos link to your site, which may be external to High Desert Insider. Logos are limited to 88x31 pixels. We can shrink your logo. $5.99/6 mo or $10.99/yr
#6 Directory Logo Logos are positioned beneath the page title and above the page content. Included in the package is a #5 Ad. $30/6 mo or $50/yr
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* "Social clubs" are organizations who, although are not designated non-profit, operate on a budget that just sustains the club. For example, a garden club, that collects dues that are used to pay for lunches, seeds, equipment that everyone in the club may use would be classified as a "social club."

Non-profit and social clubs may be given "Description Ads, Links, Tint, and etc." at the whim and time of the site author and webmaster.
**Free listings of events are open to everyone, as long as the events are interesting and fun related. For example, a book store having an author signing books, would qualify, while a book store having a sale would not (at least not yet).
***Businesses may have a free listing, if they fit one of our existing categories. Retail stores might fit in "Shopping" or a "Recreation" related field.

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