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This page merely shows examples of various advertising options. Any resemblance to real entities is coincidental.

Animals & Pets

Animal Clubs Veterinary Hospitals   Tender, loving, care #6 Directory Logo with link (example pictured at left)
Positioned beneath the page title and above the page content, plus #5 ad. $30/6 mo or $50/yr

Animal Clubs

Group Address City (760)Phone Ad Type
High Desert Vermin Club 42424 Woodrat Road Victorville 999-8888 #1 Free Listing
Mojave Termite Hunting Club Cushie Inn Victorville 333-6666 #2 Description Ad
$2.99/6mo. or $4.99/yr
Train your dog to find termites. Meets 6:00 pm at the My Dog is Better Than Your's training center. All breeds and mixed breeds welcome. Bring your own fresh termites. (Description spans 3 columns and is directly beneath your data)
Mojave Xtinct Bird Club 999999 Histeria Road Hesperia 222-4444
#3 Description Ad and Links
$3.99/6 mo. or $6.99/yr
Everything related to extinct birds in the Mojave Desert. Artwork depictions, fossils, stories, legends, and modern relatives. We meet every third Monday, 8pm, bring a dead bird for identification. (Description spans 3 columns directly beneath your data and an email link)
Victor Valley Camel Fanciers 45283 Sixth St Victorville 222-9999
#4 Description Ad, Links, and Listing Tint
$4.99/6 mo. or $8.99/yr
Learn: training techniques to prevent your camel from spitting, biting, kicking, and belching; control overpowering odors; and first-aid for your injuries. Second Saturday, 6:30 pm meeting (Description spans 3 columns and is directly beneath your data)

Veterinary Hospitals

Veterinary Hospitals Address City (760)Phone Ad Type
Click Here 1212 Advertising Line Local City Your No.
#5 Logo, Links, Tint, Bold Print, and Description
$5.99/6 mo. or $10.99/yr
Do your chihuahuas get drunk, run in packs, terrorize the neighborhood, and pee on the sofa? We are the very best at dog rehab. Senior discounts. Blah, blah, blah. (Description spans 3 columns and is directly beneath your data)

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