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Hesperia Animal Control, 11011 Santa Fe Ave., Hesperia, CA 92345
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Hesperia Dogs

April 20: An investigation will take place into the conditions at Hesperia Animal Control.  This afternoon, the facility had an emergency closure when a veterinarian was called to the facility to PTS about 70 animals.  Overcrowding from a policy change caused an outbreak of illness, and a danger to both dogs and kennel workers, who were forced to double up dogs.  

If you have adopted a dog that became sick, please email us at contactus@highdesertinsider.com

If you are a rescue, please ask about the level of disease prior to rescuing any animals.

We are disheartened to announce that due to changes at Hesperia Animal Control, we will no longer provide photos and data for impounded dogs or those up for adoption.  We hope the situation changes, in which case we will resume our service.  We want to thank our users, who have worked to return dogs to owners and find homes for those left unclaimed.

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Pets pictured on these pages were in the kennels as of the dates above.   If your pet is in these pictures, immediately call 760-947-1700 and retrieve your pet.

Kennel dog picture pages are graphics intensive. Give them time to load.

This site is to assist searching for a lost dog or cat in the local area.  Although virtually all found dogs and cats are pictured, a very few pets may not.  Please go to shelters in person to locate a pet. Animal Control may not hold your pet longer than the normal holding period of three working days.  Although pictured here on a specific date, that may not be the date the pet was brought in and it may be the pet's last day.

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