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Serving the incorporated areas of Hesperia, California

Hesperia Animal Control
11011 Santa Fe Ave.
Hesperia, CA 92345

Donations are tax deductible, with 100% of your donation going directly to benefit the animals. Administration and maintenance costs are borne by the city. You can specify where your donation goes, either to the Gift of Life Fund or sponsorship. If unspecified, your donation goes to the Gift of Life Fund.

The Gift of Life Fund provides assistance with spaying and neutering and public education.

Sponsorship allows you to save a dog or cat, which may otherwise not be adopted. Sponsorship costs $65 per dog or $50 per cat and includes license (required for dogs only), spay/neuter, and shots. In some cases, you can specify which animal you wish to sponsor. Not all animals are adoptable, due to temperment, illness, or injury. Please contact us for sponsorship details!


This site is to assist searching for a pet. Some pets may not be pictured. Again, please go to shelters in person to locate a pet. Animal Control may not hold your pet longer than the normal holding period of four working days. Although pictured here on a specific date, that may not be the date the pet was brought in and it may be the pet's last day.

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