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July 17, 2006   Page 1

Scroll down to see all dogs.  Dogs must be claimed before 7/21/06, some earlier.  Pets on this page are no longer in the Hesperia Animal Control kennels.

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001 Shepherd mix, red, Maple/Mauna Loa, friendly, red leather collar, F, #51172, *R2, 7/13, 7/19 KEY
More photos:  1,  2
004 Bichon, returned to owner, #51178, *R10 KEY
More photos:  1,  2
007 Lab, black, Jenkins/Danbury, friendly, timid, F, #51177, *R18, 7/14, 7/20 KEY
More photos:  1,  2
010 Pitbull, white w/brindle spot on tail, Manzanita/Peach, black spiked collar, 1-2 years, F, #51066, *R20, 7/13, 7/20 KEY
More photos:  1,  2
014 St. Bernard mix, tri-color, Jenkins/Danbury, friendly, M, #51179, *R23, 7/14, 7/20 KEY
More photos:  1,  2
017 Terrier mix, white/brown, Tenth/Sultana, no small children, red/green collar, 1 year, F, #51921, *R33, 7/14, 7/20 KEY
More photos:  1,  2
020 Boxer mix, brindle, Maple/Juniper, friendly, red collar, 5-6 months, M, #51068, *R34, 7/16, 7/20 KEY
More photos:  1,  2
024 Australian Shepherd, gray/white, 10th/Palm, cute, friendly, leash trained, blue bandana, F, #51919, *R35, 7/17, 7/21 KEY
More photos:  1,  2
027 Pitbull mix, tan w/white on chest, friendly, M, #52075, *R37, 7/17, available now! KEY
More photos:  1,  2
030 Pitbull mix, red, Main/5th, friendly, choke chain collar, 1-2 years, M, #51922, *R38, 7/14, 7/20 KEY
More photos:  1,  2
033 Pitbull mix, black, Victor/Cashew, timid, red/white collar, M, #51061, *O-1, 7/12, 7/18 KEY
More photos:  1,  2
036 Chihuahua, tan 4th/Eucalyptus, friendly, timid, blue collar, found with Black Lab, #52069, *O-7 KEY
More photos:  1,  2
039 Black Lab, 4th/Eucalyptus, friendly, timid, found with chihuahua, #52068, *O-7 KEY
More photos:  1,  2
043 Chihuahua, long haired, Trinity/Santa Fe, white/tan, timid, M, #52074, *O-8, 7/13, 7/20 KEY
More photos:  1
044 Dachshund, red, VVAH, friendly, green collar, F, #51070, *O-13, 7/17, 7/21 KEY
More photos:  1,  2

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Key: Breed, dog color, location found, additional information, collar color, age, sex, #impound number, *kennel number, impound date.
**This dog is available for adoption now, if the dog is deemed adoptable.

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