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Dogs must be claimed before 1/30/06, some earlier.  Pets on this page are no longer in the Hesperia Animal Control kennels.

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045 Pitbull, black/white, Mt.Rainer/Mt.Shasta, 2 months, F, #49560, *R29, 1/23, 1/27 KEY
More photos:  1,  2
048 Pitbull, red/white, Mt.Rainer/Mt.Shasta, 3 months, M, #49559, *R29, 1/23, 1/27 KEY
More photos:  1,  2
054 Lab mix, black, Santa Fe/Summit Valley, #45998, *R31, 1/23, 1/27 KEY
More photos:  1,  2
056 Chow/Shepherd mix, tan with tan and red sweater, Live Oak/2nd, black collar, friendly, M, #49562, *R34, 1/24, 1/30 KEY
More photos:  1,  2
061 German Shepherd, black/tan, Redwood/Mauna Loa, black harness, 5 months, F, #45997, *R35, 1/23, 1/27 KEY
More photos:  1,  2
065 German Shepherd, black/brown, Pinon/Sycamore, 2-3 years, M, #49636, *R36, 1/22, 1/26 KEY
More photos:  1,  2

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Key: Breed, dog color, location found, additional information, collar color, age, sex, #impound number, *kennel number, impound date.
**This dog is available for adoption now, if the dog is deemed adoptable.

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Although virtually all dogs are pictured, a very few pets may not.

Please go to shelters in person to locate a pet.  Animal Control may not hold your pet longer than the normal holding period of four working days.

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